Best Way to Burp A Baby On Your Lap

Hello parents!

Today, I’ll be doing another video on the topic of burping babies! In my previous video, I offered tips on how to burp a baby on your back. I find this to be the best way for me to burp my kids. Others, like my husband, prefer to burp our kids on his lap. Keep watching and see which burping position works best for you!

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Burping Baby Tricks

Burping your baby can be hard work! And like anything when you first have a baby, you’ll really have to try a lot of different things to see what works best for you! I found that I definitely had to try a few different burping positions to know what I and my baby preferred. Check out my step-by-step process for burping newborn babies while they sit up on your lap. You never know, this could become your favorite position for baby burping!

When it comes to babies and burping, what position worked best for you? Please add your comments below! I would love to hear from you!