How to Burp Your Baby on Your Back

Hello everyone!

Today, I’ll be reviewing something you’ll be doing with your baby a LOT! I’m talking about burping, and more specifically, burping a baby on your back. Although this is a common way in which people go about burping newborn babies, it’s still important to learn the proper way to do this in order to minimize pressure on your back and shoulder. Keep watching for the complete guide to burping your baby!

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Burping Baby Tips and Tricks

There are several different ways to burp a baby. My husband preferred to burp our babies on his lap, and I have a video on that too! I found burping newborn babies on the back is the easiest way to get the burp out because the baby’s torso is extended and that can help the air to rise up. But you do need a little strategic planning when it comes to newborns and burping. Here’s where this video will really help you out!

How did you approach burping your newborn baby? Are you in the camp of back-burping aficionados or lap-burping advocates? Comment below and thanks for watching CloudMom!