How to Breastfeed with the Boba 3G Carrier

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Back today with our weekly gear show, the Boba 3G Carrier! I absolutely LOVE this carrier, and I have a feeling you will, too!

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In my previous videos, I shared with you some guides on how to front carry and back carry with the Boba. This time, I’ll be sharing with you a demo on breastfeeding with the Boba 3G soft-structured carrier.

Nursing in the Boba

Nursing in public was tough for me with my first baby. It’s easy to feel exposed and intimidated. But with the Boba, public nursing is very discreet and easy! Once your baby is securely fastened into the front-facing position in the Boba, and you’ve figured out which side you would like to start nursing on, you can begin by slowly loosening the straps on either side of the carrier. This will lower your baby a bit from the higher, tighter position. What’s really good about this is that your baby is still in an upright position. I know when I was nursing my babies, I would go for more of a cradle position. However, women who nurse their babies upright actually say they need to burp their babies less frequently because this position prevents a lot of gas or indigestion in their child. Great news for any mom!

To nurse your baby, loosen the straps only on the side you would like to breastfeed on and gently move your baby toward that breast. You can even place a burping cloth near your breasts while you do this. I love the hospital burp cloth for this! After the baby is done with one side, you can burp them a bit in the upright position and move onto the other side. It’s important to remember to tighten up the straps on the previous side before loosening those on the opposite side!  Also, remember to always keep a nice flow of air to your baby at all times. You can make sure your baby is in the highest, safest position if you’re able to kiss the top of their head at all times when in the baby carrier.

Overall, the Boba 3G carrier is a wonderful option if you would like to nurse on the go, hands-free! It also keeps your baby in a safe and comfortable upright position throughout the entirety of the feeding. Thanks again for watching and make sure to check out this and other great baby product demos on my site!

Baby 3G Carrier Specs

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Boba 3G Specs:

Item Weight: 2 pounds
Product Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 4 inches
Minimum Weight Recommendation: 7.7 pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 44.1 pounds
100% Cotton

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