How to Breastfeed in the Ergobaby Carrier

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Hello mamas and papas.  Melissa here, back with another one of our Tuesday how to videos.  Today’s video is the final video we’re doing on the ERGObaby carrier, and provides a quick explanation of how to go about nursing in the ergo carrier.

How to Breastfeed in the Ergobaby Carrier

ERGObaby Breastfeeding

This is my fourth video on the ERGObaby Carrier. In my previous clips, I’ve covered carrying an infant, a baby, and back-carrying with the Ergo.

In order to breastfeed in the Ergo carrier, first get your baby securely positioned.  Loosen the side strap slowly on the side of the carrier where you would like to begin breastfeeding.   Now, your carrier is loose enough for you to move your baby down to nursing level. When your baby has finished breastfeeding, bring your baby back to the original safe position.


So that’s it.  But for as simple and as seamless as this sounds, you should follow the steps to make sure your baby is secure all the while.

What’s great about the ERGO is that your baby is always in the upright position, even when nursing. This means less gas, less indigestion, and shorter burping sessions.

How did you find your nursing experience in the ERGO? Please share in the comments below! 

Thanks for watching!

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ERGObaby Carrier Specs

Item Weight: 1.5 lbs
Product Dimensions: 15.8 x 13.4 in.
Minimum Weight Recommendation: 7 lbs.
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 45 lbs.
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