Nursing Your Baby: Dealing with a Baby Distracted While Nursing

Hello Moms!

It seems that as soon as you actually get the hang of nursing your baby, your baby is growing curious of the big, exciting world around her and becomes extremely distracted when breastfeeding! This is just one of the many breastfeeding problems you and your baby will have to overcome as time goes on. Watch my video for tips on how to help a baby distracted while nursing!

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Breastfeeding Tips

This problem can be especially tough when out in public. You’ll be nursing, trying to avoid strange stares and covering up as best you can, and your child becomes enthralled in the room abuzz with noises and people. With a nursing baby, you might be able to avoid this problem by covering your child’s head with the hospital burp cloth. It’s important to note that this shouldn’t be a sign of weaning or that your baby is full. Stick with it and be patient until your baby has had her fill.

Keep watching this video for some great breastfeeding advice!

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