How to Use the Medela Symphony Breast Pump

Get a list of what to buy.

Hello Mamas!

Today’s video features my very best friend through several of my babies – The Medela Symphony Breast Pump! I LOVED this pump because it was so reliable and has a lot of oomph! Like most things, you have to get to know the Medela Symphony to really get the hang of it. I’m hoping this video will help you get there! Keep watching for more on how to use a breast pump!

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Where to Rent the Medela Symphony Breast Pump

Take some time figuring out from where you want to rent your Medela Symphony Breast Pump. I rented mine from the hospital, but then switched to a local breastfeeding store. Compare the package you could get from your hospital with those from local pharmacies and breast feeding stores to see which one has the best rate and the easiest return policy. If ever there is a kink with one of these, some stores will pick it up for you and give you a new one right on the spot, so much easier than trucking back to your hospital!

Breast Pump Instructions

Unless you have manual phobia like me, take a look at the accompanying Medela Symphony Breast Pump Instructions and then watch my step-by-step video demo on using this pump! If in the future you have parts on your Medela that start to wear out, be sure to check out this Replacement Valve and Membrane for Medela Breastpumps. These Medela breast pump parts will function just as good as the original ones!

Current and former pumping moms, speak up! Which pump did you use? Did you buy, borrow, or rent? Please add your comments below – I would love to hear from you!