How Often Should a 4-Month-Old Eat?

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One question I hear a lot from moms, especially breastfeeding mamas, is how often should a 4 month old eat!  Good thing, because there’s nothing I love more than a baby feeding guide!  For a 4 month old baby breastfeeding, you generally can start to feed every four hours but you want to make sure certain things are in place.  Watch this video for my tips!

How Often Should a 4-Month-Old Eat?

Baby Feeding Guide

I got a question on Facebook about how to know when your baby is ready to go longer between feedings. Mom Nichole has a 4 month old breastfed baby who weighs 16 pounds. She’s wondering when she can stretch him out to four hours between feedings instead of feeding every three hours. In my opinion, if he’s getting full feeds and sleeping well overnight, there are some simple ways to try to increase the time between feedings.

When did your breastfeeding baby start nursing less often? Tell me in the comments!

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