How Much Sleep Do Babies Need?: 6 Months to 1 Year

6-month-old sleep

Babies and sleep —the number one topic for exhausted parents!  As your baby gets older you might wonder how much sleep she needs and when she will start sleeping through the night.

In this video I talk about general baby sleep guidelines for your 6-month-old to 1-year-old baby and the signs of an overtired baby!

Sleep for 6 Month Old: Sleeps 14-15 hours/day including 2 or 3 naps

Sleep for 1 Year Old: Sleeps 14 hours/day including 2 naps

Overtired Baby

Here are some signs that your baby needs more sleep:

  • Baby is cranky, irritable or fussy
  • Baby falls asleep before usual bedtime
  • Baby wakes up too early in the morning (seems counterintuitive, but oftentimes tired babies are not in a good sleep cycle and they wake up earlier!  This calls for an earlier bedtime for many babies).
  • Baby rubs her eyes

I’m super interested to know what your experience has been like with all this, so please comment below and tell me the scoop!

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  • Great videos! Thanks for your help!

  • kellyoconnor

    omg! I am going crazy. My perfect sleeping angel is waking 3 or 4 times a night out of no where. She is 7 months. So I will try moving from 3 to 2 naps. Wish Me LucK!!!

  • Aria

    Oh man! My son is going to be one next Saturday and he’s still not sleeping through the night. I’ve given him a warm bath, warm bottle, gave him a snack before bed, he still wakes up!

  • Diana

    My little almost 9 months baby boy fights his sleep, I feed his enough milk and solid food through the day but he wakes up at night wanting milk but he won’t drink more than 1 oz … I put him to bed at 8:00 he wakes up around 7 – 7:30 his naps are a joke 20 min tops and I hate for him to take a late nap like at 5ish caz that would really make not go to bed till 9 he just hates sleeping and I’m about to shoot myself for waking up with several times at night and I’m full time working mom

  • My 6 week old won’t sleep more than 10′ to 30′ during nap times and at night he might wake up every 45′ to 1 hour. He wakes up from painful gas. He has not slept 16hours since first weeks. Ii think he sleeps less than 10h/day and only if held he will sleep longer. I am desperate