How Can I Teach My Baby to Walk

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Hello everyone.  This video is part two in a little series I did for a viewer named Paulina, who wrote in concerned that her 8 month old is eating too much and not moving enough.  After asking about how much her baby should be eating, Paulina inquired as to when do babies start walking and how to encourage walking in a baby this age.  I answer that question in today’s video.

How Can I Teach My Baby to Walk

When do Babies Walk?

Paulina, please don’t worry if your 8 month old baby is not walking yet.  My babies walked at between 15 and 18 months — yup. One of those late walkers is now a fast runner — I swear!  My doctor assured me that late baby walking doesn’t mean much of anything, so remember that when you find yourself getting concerned.

In today’s video, I outline some of the stages your baby will pass through before walking!

  1. Sitting Up.  Your baby’s first step towards walking is sitting up, which develops core muscle strength.  More on this in the video.
  2. Crawling.  Your baby practices using his arms and legs when he crawls.
  3. Pulling Up.  When pulling himself up, your baby is getting used to the idea of balancing on his feet.
  4. Cruising.  Cruising means walking around while holding onto the wall, a table or chairs and is a very close stage to walking.
  5. Standing without walking.  Right before walking, your baby will begin to stand up and balance on his feet.

If you are concerned that your baby is not advancing properly through these baby development stages, definitely have a chat with your pediatrician.

Remember, babies follow their own clock and do things at the time and stage that is right for them.
the littlest feed make the biggest footprints in our hearts.

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