How Can I Get Breast Milk Supply Back Up?

Hello dearies. Well, for those of us have nursed and wanted to keep nursing, there is nothing more upsetting and worrisome than feeling as if your supply of breast milk is going down. Meanwhile, in my experience, there can be normal ups and downs and even when you are experience a real DOWN– when you feel you have less milk than before — you can successfully bring that breast milk back. That’s the subject of this video, and I’m responding to Saima who has been dealing with cracked nipples and a 3 month old who has been off the breast for a bit. Now Saima wants that baby back on!

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Strategies to Get Milk Supply Back

Saima, go for it! You would be so surprised by how many women have been through this and have successfully brought their supply back. In the video, I talk about strategies for increasing low milk supply. First, keep that baby on your breast. Second, I say, keep pumping. Some recommend pumping about an hour after a nursing session, but I recommend pumping right after a feeding, which allowed me to build milk up for the next nursing session. Drink water and try other natural remedies. Get as much rest as possible, and try to relax.

I was amazed to learn that women who had nursed before successfully relactated and nursed adopted children years after nursing for the first time. Other moms describe breast milk coming back in after it had dried up, apparently due to hormones. So anything is possible, hang in there, and stay positive.

Oh, and let us know how it’s going!  Thanks for watching and writing in!

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  • Marisa

    Hello,i “sufer” to for low milk suply,and when i say low it meens verry LOW,hardly i manage to pumping 100 ml of milk(this is a happy case) and is not enough for feedeeng my baby (3 months) i fail to keep the baby at my breast, she is angry that milk does not come in first and starts criyng really bad,i drink tea for lactatio,beer,eats lot of onions,i trie massage oil,elixir for crafting the body and many other remedies without success.i do not know anymore what to do(the true is i dont have enough time for pumping,i try to pumping Every hour or 2 hours, but not more than 20 minutes for both breasts)i fight about 2 weeks whit this problem,what shoul i do?Thanks

    • nikki

      Try fenugreek tea.Don’t eat mint of any kind, parsley, oregano, thyme. They dry up your milk supply.

  • Anna Smith

    while breastfeeding i had a few issues- i wouldn’t make enough milk, or one breast would contribute more than the other. I was told by my LC nurse to take “Healthy Nursing tea” . Also, she told me to pump in between feedings… I was supposed to pump at least 10x a day… and put baby to breast more often during the day. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water!