Guide to First Year Vaccines for Baby

Get a printable list of what to buy.Hello parents!

Vaccinating your baby is a really hot-button issue among parents. If you choose to vaccinate, your baby will be getting a number of immunizations during the first year to year and a half of his life. In this video, I’ll walk through some information on baby vaccines that will help you make an informed decision.

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Newborn Vaccinations

After watching, you’ll know all about the available baby vaccines and what they protect against. I also discuss the baby flu shot and give some survival tips for when your babies are getting their shots (ouch, ouch!). It can truly be heart-wrenching for the parent holding the little baby who has to go through this for the first time.

What decision did you make when it came to vaccinating your baby? Did you follow a vaccine schedule? How did you get your baby through the pain of shots? Please weigh in and thanks for watching!