Getting Baby To Sleep In the Pack & Play

Hello, hello!  Melissa here talking about my favorite topics, babies and sleep!  In videos over the next few weeks, I’m going to be answering some awesome questions from my favorite YouTube viewers.  Today, I’m responding to April, who asks: “How do you get a 4 month old to sleep in a cot?”  April, by cot, I’m assuming you mean a pack n play bassinet or portable crib.  Hope I’m right!

Getting Baby To Sleep In the Pack & PlayPin for later!

Making Pack N Plays Work

Here’s what I’ve done when it comes to pack n plays: treat them exactly like cribs, and set up my baby’s environment accordingly. This includes black out shades, a quiet room, and a comfy fitted sheet.

Why? To me, if a baby is used to sleeping in this way and then lo and behold, you cart her over to Aunt Sally’s and expect her to sleep in bright daylight with the lawnmower roaring outside, she’s not going to fall for it.  Baby’s are smart, and they know when something has changed in their environment.

So, as I explain in today’s video, with pack and plays I try to keep the surroundings as serene and similar to my baby’s normal sleep set-up.  For more details, on what I did, watch today’s video. Hope this helps and thanks for watching, April!  I can’t tell you how grateful I am for loyal viewers like you!

I would love to hear from other parents: What do you do to get your baby to sleep? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Melissa xoxo