Fussy One Month Old Baby at Night

A nice mama wrote in concerned about her one month old newborn baby who is fussy at night. Mama, you are essentially asking me: “why do babies cry?” This is an age-old question and one that parents have struggled with for generations.
my plan is to start crying at 3am for no reason
There are no easy answers but the simplest one that leaps out at me is this: your baby is one month old!  One month old babies fuss, and they fuss, and then they fuss some more. Even when they are not dealing with colic or digestive issues, babies of this age are getting used to being outside of the womb, to the noises and sounds of the world. Everything seems new to them and it’s hard for them to adjust. You have to give it some time!

how to soothe a fussy baby at night

How to Soothe a Baby

Feed your baby and burp thoroughly making sure your baby is awake but full. Try to stick to regular feeds and regular naps in the crib. Overtired babies cry more! Check with your doctor and rule out digestive issues such a colic or an intolerance to your type of formula or, if you are breastfeeding, to something in your diet. Hold your baby, gently pat your baby, and just enjoy the time with your baby. Sooner than you think they’ll be a precocious 13 year old wanting a later curfew.
Hang in there and thanks for writing into CloudMom.