Basics for Formula Feeding Babies

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If you have decided to stop breastfeeding or are unable to meet your milk supply needs, talk to your doctor about formula feeding! It’s a great substitution for breast milk, but you’ll need to choose the right type for you and your baby! There are three main types of baby formula. In this video, I’ll walk through the details of each. Keep watching for more!

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Formula Feeding Babies

Here I have some examples of cow’s milk formula, including Enfamil and Similac. There are other varieties as well, including lactose-free formula and soy-based formula. When choosing a formula, you’ll also want to evaluate your own lifestyle. If you know you are going on a long trip and won’t have easy access to water, a liquid formula or concentrated liquid formula may be a better choice. Powdered formula, on the other hand, is great for making smaller or large quantities and is less expensive than liquid formula.

When you use formula, you’ll want to check that your bottles are properly sterilized. Check my videos on this for further instructions! Next, pour in the desired amount of water, then pour in the proper amount of powdered formula. Attach the top of the bottle and shake well until all of the clumps have dissolved.

For more on preparing formula, warming bottles, and how to bottle feed your baby, keep watching this and my other videos on formula! Thanks for viewing this formula feeding guide video!

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