Stage 2 Baby Foods

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Hello Mamas!

Congrats! You’ve made it past the Stage 1 baby foods stage! Your baby is ready for even more exciting tastes and textures! For more on when to start Stage 2 baby food, keep watching and reading on!

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Introducing Stage 2 Solids

So you might be wondering, when do I start Stage 2 baby food? This will differ depending on when you started Stage 1 – my suggestion is to start Stage 2 baby foods about 2-3 months after starting stage 1. Mushy pasta, avocado, and barley anyone? You can really begin experimenting with some creative combos in this stage! Keep watching my video where I offer some great homemade Stage 2 baby food recipes and combinations! These super-nutritious and fun foods are great for your baby…just don’t mind the mess!

What were your favorite Stage 2 baby foods? What was your baby solid food schedule? Please share your experiences and ask your questions below!