Stage 1 Baby Foods

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Once you’ve determined that your baby is ready for solids, you will begin to give your baby Stage 1 baby foods. You can either buy them from the store or consider making homemade baby food at this stage. Here, I provide an easy, stress-free, and fun guide to beginning this amazing stage in your baby’s life!

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What are Stage 1 Baby foods?

Although we use the term “solids”, these first baby foods are really just liquidy, soupy types of foods that are very easy for a young baby to swallow. So the names “solids” is a bit of a misnomer, and there is nothing really “solid” about baby solid foods because they should be so liquidy that you can almost drink them. Stage 1 pureed foods include single fruit and vegetable purees, and different types of single-grain baby cereal, most often a rice. For more tips on introducing solid foods and making them at home, keep watching!

What Stage 1 baby foods did you opt for to start, and what did your baby prefer? Please add your comments below – I would love to hear your stories!