Feeding Schedule For Newborn

Get the schedule.

Hello Moms!

I’m sure you all know that the first month of a baby’s life can be so challenging for new parents. Hopefully, with my video, I’ll make your life just a little bit easier, for you and your baby! It’s hard to know how much and when a baby should eat. With this video on newborn feeding, I’ll give an example of a newborn feeding schedule and newborn feeding chart to put your life back on track! Keep watching for more!

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How much do Newborns Eat?

You’ll want to talk to your doctor about a feeding schedule that works for both you and your baby in order for them to grow at a healthy rate. As far as feeding amounts for newborns go, I’m a big fan of creating a feeding schedule for you and your newborn to ensure the proper feeding amounts are being met and there is a good amount of regularity in your day. I don’t mean that I always say no when my baby cries and wants to eat! Rather, I like to get a sense of when my baby begins her feedings and making sure to feed regularly based on this first feeding. This also helps ensure that each feeding is as long and as filling as possible.

In the video, I’ll show some helpful graphics that will get you prepared for your newborn feeding schedule! I’ve also added a useful newborn feeding chart and provided some good advice on preparing formula for your baby. Hopefully this video helped and you will be able to enjoy more time with your baby and less time worrying about newborn feedings!

What newborn feeding schedule worked for you? Please weigh in based on your own experience in the comments below!