Features and Review of the UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller

Features and Review of the UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller | CloudMom

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Hello friends!  So our stroller series continues today with the very popular UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller!  We’ve reviewed and loved UPPAbaby products on CloudMom in the past, including the UPPAbaby G-Luxe, the UPPAbaby G-Lite and the UPPAbaby Vista.

The Crux is definitely not in everyone’s budget, as it prices at around $450, but if you can afford it, you’ll definitely be getting top-notch quality. Watch my video for my review and demo of this super high-tech stroller!

UPPAbaby Cruz

There are some really nifty features in this stroller! First, you’ll notice that this stroller is extremely light, perfect for a mom or dad constantly getting on and off public transportation or going up and down stairs. Also, the wheels are super smooth and maneuverable, and there is a great storage space underneath.  With one easy motion, the telescoping handlebars move up and down, accommodating to parents of any height. People really love the canopy on this stroller as well. It comes with more protection than most strollers I’ve seen and there’s even a mesh flap on top to provide your baby with more air.

This Cruz is also very versatile. You’ll be able to adapt your stroller to your baby no matter at no matter what age. For instance, you can use this stroller with the infant car seat, a bassinet, or, for an older toddler’s, with its reclining seat. For more on how to fold the UPPAbaby Cruz and other cool characteristics, please watch my demo!

Did you invest in an UPPAbaby stroller and if so, which one and why? Please weigh in using the comments below!  

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UPPAbaby Cruz Specs

Item Weight: 15 lbs.

Product Dimensions: 22.2 x 29.5 x 39.4 in.

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