Features and Review of the Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller

Hello everyone!  We’re deep into our stroller series on the site this month and it’s so gratifying to see these videos which have been in the works for a while finally come to life!  Hope you like them!  Special thanks again to Albee Baby’s Upper West Side location for welcoming us in and allowing us to spend time with their great products!!

This week, we’re talking double strollers and today, we air our video on the Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller!  The Twin Techno is a good option for parents with twins or two babies of different ages looking for a lightweight, maneuverable, and collapsible stroller for their family.

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We’re not strangers to the Maclaren on CloudMom and I’ve reviewed two Macs in the past on the site, the Volo and the Triumph.  When I first travelled with one of my babies, back in 2004 when Hedley was five months old, I myself invested in a Mac because I needed something light and easy to take onto the plane.  We used that same stroller up until last with Marielle and were very happy with the quality.

Why do people like Maclarens?  Quality, durability, collapsibility and lightness — all things you will find in the Twin Techno.  For more on this super double stroller, watch my video and see below.

Maclaren Twin Techno

The Twin Techno offers a generous sun canopies for each seat in the stroller. Other cool characteristics include expandable leg rests, five-point harnesses, and generous storage space underneath (important when you’re carting around 2 babes!).  You fold the Twin Techno similarly to how you would fold a single Maclaren stroller, by first lifting up on the red pieces with your feet, then pushing down on the levers and finally, in one motion, folding the entire stroller!  Watch my video to see me demo this…

Did you invest in a double stroller?  Weigh in here! 

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Maclaren Twin Techno Specs

Item Weight: 26.9 lbs.

Product Dimensions: 47 x 29.3 x 31.9 in.

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 110 lbs.

Includes two head huggers and shoulder pads, rain cover, and cup holder

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