Eating Out With Kids: Can You Bring a Newborn?

Figuring out how to take a newborn out to a restaurant is no easy task. Taking a newborn out in public is a challenge, period, but here’s why I think you CAN enjoy going out with a newborn for a meal.

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Once you get past the first few weeks when you’re really worried about germs, a new baby is a great dining companion. You can use a newborn carrier or infant car seat to hold them. They sleep round the clock and don’t need regularly scheduled naps and bedtimes in the crib — and my babies always slept very well in noisy, crowded places! You can nurse in public or bottle feed easily.

In this video, I’m telling you what I wish someone had told me before I had my first baby: this is the time to go out to dinner with your hubby. Eating out with kids actually gets harder once they’re toddlers, in my view! And if you do have older children, dining out at a kid-friendly restaurant is a nice activity for the whole family.

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