How to Put a Side-Snap T-Shirt on Your Newborn

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This is my second video in a series I’ve filmed on clothing for babies. In the last episode, I discussed the front-snap pajama and how to dress a baby who won’t stop squirming! Today’s video topic is Baby t-shirts! And more specifically, the baby side-snap t-shirt! Keep watching for some great advice and a step-by-step demo!

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How to Dress a Newborn

When I brought my first baby home, I knew nothing about dressing newborns. Newborns can be so wiggly so you’ll definitely need a strategy for getting them in their adorable little clothes. You will also need to invest in the best clothes for babies, the ones that are the easiest to put on and simply pull off! This video covers why the side-snap t-shirt is one of the best baby garments for this very reason!

Side-snap T-shirts for Babies

Do you think the side-snap t-shirt is the best for babies? What were your best clothes for newborn? Weigh in by commenting below!