Do You Need a Babysitter Cam?

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We worry so much about our kids.  I know I do.  If I’m not worried about how they’re doing in school, I worry about whether they are happy, or whether they ate well enough, or whether they have been reading enough, or whether they are helpful and polite enough.  There is no end to the amount of things I can worry about if I don’t reign myself in.

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We possibly worry the most, however, when our children are babies.  One of my biggest areas of concern once I had little Hedley home was with whom could I leave him!  I still remember our first dinner out without the baby.  We went around the corner, called in every 30 minutes, and came home after only one hour, having skipped dessert and wolfed down our food.  Romantic, no.  Typical of new parents, I think so.

Because new parents dread the idea of leaving their precious babies with anyone at all, the topic of nanny cams has been a largely discussed one for quite a while now.  Whether you are leaving your baby to go to work, or for a date night, when the baby-sitter is not grandma or your best friend (but rather someone you just met!) is it advisable to place a babysitter cam in the house to see what your sitter is up to? Or is that spying? In today’s video, I explore this issue.

Trusting a Mother’s Intuition

With so many horror stories of babysitters and nannies, it’s definitely understandable that these cameras are being used by parents concerned about keeping kids safe.  But in my humble opinion, don’t even bother spending the money!  If your maternal instinct is telling you that this person cannot be trusted with your baby, don’t hire them! It’s that easy.  Instinct is a high form of intelligence and you should follow yours.  There are definitely reliable people out there who will make wonderful babysitters.  If you’re not comfortable with your caregiver, find a new one you can trust: someone who comes highly recommend who will care for your child in a way that you feel comfortable with.

What would you say if a new mom asked you “Should I get a nanny cam”? Comment below – I would love to hear what you have to say!