Do I Need a Nursing Chair?

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Hello expecting mamas!

Are you debating whether or not you need a nursing chair? In this video, I’ll give you a rundown on the nursing chair, a must-have on any nursery checklist, in my opinion!  Try to fit this essential baby item into your budget because it will greatly enhance the breastfeeding experience.  In this video, I explain why…

Do I Need a Nursing Chair?

What to Look For In a Nursing Chair

A breastfeeding chair will provide great support for your back, your arms, and thus your baby when in the nursing position.  It’s also a great place from which to bottle feed a baby.  This chair will prevent breastfeeding back pain, certainly welcome news for every new mother!  Look for a chair with a foot stool, which is nice for propping your tired feet up after a long day. Although this chair may seem like a big, bulky piece of furniture now, it will serve you for years to come, even after your baby is done nursing or bottle feeding.  You can use it when reading to your child (or children) down the road!  Hmmm… now I’m understanding why mine is still a permanent fixture in my girls room, and I have no plans to retire it!

What did you look for in a nursing chair?  Please comment below!