Colic Remedies

In this show, I walk through the common ways in which you can treat colic.

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Home remedies for colic

When you’re dealing with a colicky baby, you have to be patient and you have to be creative.  The AAP recommends eating and burping your baby really well, a gentle back massage on your lap, and also gentle movement (make sure not to shake the baby).  Pacifiers can also help, and don’t worry at this stage about dependence on the paci – if the paci provides colic relief, go for it!

Colic in infants can take a real toll on parents so bring in the reinforcements and give yourself a break.  Remember, mom (and dad), you always have to look after yourself when you’re looking after a baby.

I hope this information on colic remedies is helpful.  Please comment on the site if you’ve come up with other ways of providing colic relief or have experience with colic in newborns.

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