Cluster Feeding in Newborns

Hello Mamas!

What is cluster feeding? For many moms, “cluster feedings” are a tricky part of their new life with a newborn. Cluster feeding in newborns happens when the baby wants to eat constantly, often during the late afternoon or early evening. So exhausting! Watch for more on this newborn habit and how you can make it more manageable!

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Newborn Cluster Feeding

Sometimes mothers are concerned when their baby wants to feed constantly because they have just begun to settle into a nice routine, so they get stressed out that they have now bounced right back to the beginning! But don’t worry! This is a normal part of developing for many babies and most often, you will get back into your breastfeeding schedule very, very soon. This has been my experience with cluster feeding. For more helpful tips, check out the rest of my video!

Hope this video has given you some good advice on how to handle cluster feeding in newborns. Please weigh in if you have experience with this issue or coping with a newborn!