Can Formula in Hospital Help With Breastfeeding Longterm?

This vlog is inspired by a recent article by a friend of mine Alice Gomstyn reporting on a recent study’s findings that supplementing in the early days before a woman’s mature milk supply has come in can help breast feeding.

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The article quite frankly surprised me!  Can supplementing with formula in the early days help with breast feeding?  This sort of goes against everything we’ve been told regarding breast feeding and formula feeding during the first month of a baby’s life.  The rule I’ve always heard is not to supplement for at least one month until breastfeeding is firmly established!

In this vlog, I discuss the study’s claims regarding breastfeeding vs. formula feeding in the early days and how supplementing with formula impacts breastfeeding and weigh in with my own personal experience!

Did you supplement with formula in the hospital and then end up exclusively breastfeeding for an extended period of time?  Please weigh in with your experience here!

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