Can Fenugreek Help Low Milk Supply?

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Hello everyone.  So big snow day here today which is making getting any work done a challenge!  This morning, I made the kids clean the house which took ALOT of mama energy.  Three are now off on a playdate but I’ve taken in three friends so we’re at about equal volume-wise.  Not to much time until I have to prep dinner so typing madly to get out this video in time for tomorrow.

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Benefits of Fenugreek

Many moms write in concerned about their breast milk supply and asking what can I do?  I’ve written a lot on the site about my own experience!  I tell moms to really hang in there since your breast milk can go down and then come up again.  I advise remaining as physically close to the baby as possible (this helps increase the hormones that trigger you to make milk), feeding directly from the breast as much as possible, eating super healthy and drinking, drinking, drinking water and other fluids.

 Did you suffer from low breastfeeding milk supply and what did you do?  Please share your tips! 

One remedy that I did not myself try but have heard a lot about is Fenugreek, which is the subject of today’s video.  Fenugreek is an herb that has been used for centuries by women around the world, and which many lactation consultants proscribe today.  The capsules are generally prescribed more commonly than the Fenugreek tea, and quite a lot of them — as many as three capsules, three times a day, of approximately 600 milligrams each.  Another piece of advice that lactation consultants frequently dole out is to fully drain your breasts when taking Fenugreek.  For more details on the benefits of side effects of Fenugeek, please watch my video!

For some good options with Fenugreek, click here:

Oh, and here are some more videos on treating low breast milk supply.  Hope you find them helpful!

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