Bye Bye, Bottle: How to Wean Baby to a Cup

Hello dears!

So my colleague Katie approached me recently with an issue that’s so common for new parents — she wanted to know how to wean her 1-year-old daughter from a bottle to a sippy cup. First off, fellow moms, do not stress about this! Your baby won’t be taking a bottle to college, I promise. Here are my tried and true tips for weaning baby to the big kid cups!

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Weaning Baby from the Bottle

If your child isn’t quite ready to make the transition directly to the sippy cup, this great cup worked wonders for my kids as an in-between solution. My kids loved the soft flexible straw much more than they did the hard sippy cup. These are super convenient for days at the park or the beach. Just pop some ice cubes in there and your children will stay cool and well-hydrated the whole day! Making the transition between milk and water in these cups was also really easy and I was able to get all of my children completely weaned from the bottle by age 2. Apart from this bottle, for more tips on how to wean your baby away from the bottle and onto a cup or sippy cup, watch my vlog!

Was the transition from bottle to sippy cup an issue for your kids? What’s your advice? Comment below or Tweet me @CloudMom!

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