What Are the Best Nursing Clothes?

Get a list of what to buy.

Hello Mamas!

When you’re nursing, you can’t simply throw something on and walk out the house because your baby might not be able to FIND your breast when it comes time to nurse him. You might also be caught having to hoist up your shirt and feeling self-conscious. In this video, I’ll be giving you some great tips on how to choose breastfeeding clothes that will give you privacy, give your baby easy access, and keep you looking super chic! Watch for more!

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What to Wear When Breastfeeding

In my video, I go through some cute options that worked the best for me when it came to nursing clothes. And you don’t have to completely abandon your style just because you’re nursing! For me, the best clothes for nursing included button-down shirts and stretchy tank-tops! I often wore the tank top with the button-down shirt on top – super easy, super chic. Get creative with it!

What clothes did you favor when nursing? Please share your style stories in the comments below!