Side-Lying Breastfeeding Position

Hello Mamas!

So, you’ve been experimenting with the different recommended breastfeeding positions. In the early days, you might find that it’s easier for you, especially at night, to feed your baby while lying on your side. This side-lying breastfeeding position must be done very carefully so as to make sure your baby has the proper room to breathe. Keep watching for more!

Side-Lying Breastfeeding Position

Breastfeeding Lying Down

Some moms do this in bed, but I liked to nurse with a pillow on my nursery floor. For night-time feeding, this side-lying breastfeeding position was my favorite because I was just too tired to sit up. This position is also very useful when traveling on a plane.

For a step-by-step guide to breastfeeding in this position, watch the above video! For more breastfeeding positions, watch here!

Did you use this side-lying position and, if so, where? On your nursery floor? In bed? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section!