How to Relieve Engorged Breasts

Hello Mamas!

Engorged breasts are very, very common for new moms. I actually had to deal with this will all five of my kids! There is one word to describe this feeling – OUCH! A few days after your baby is born, your milk will come in way too quickly, and your breasts can get completely overwhelmed! Read on and check out my video for some helpful advice!

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How to Relieve Engorged Breasts

I found that breast pumping before and after feedings helped ease the pain of engorged breasts. This will also keep your milk supply up and you’ll have fresh milk from the fridge for later! Other helpful remedies are nice, soothing hot showers. You’ll definitely feel much more relaxed all over after a steamy shower, and it’s a nice break for mom! Lastly, hot compresses work really well too to relieve your sore breasts. For more great tips, keep watching!

How did you relieve your breast engorgement? What worked? Please share your experiences below!