Storing Breast Milk

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So you have a huge milk supply, more than your baby can handle at once! What are you going to do with all the excess milk? Save it for later, of course! This video will give you all you need to know on breast milk storage!

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How to Store Breast Milk

When storing breast milk, you really have two options. You can either store in bags or in bottles. Personally, I have loved using Medela pump & save bags for my breast milk. These are great because they’re actually quite simple to pour into and won’t leak all over the place! Make sure you’ve washed your hands well, grab your breast milk storage bag or breast milk storage container, and carefully label it with today’s date. This will help when identifying which milks are good to keep or which are expired. Pour your milk into the open bag and close the top. Store the bag in the freezer in an upright position to avoid leaking. Now you’re all set to store your breast milk for later!

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  • M Dog

    I ahve always wondered what bags to use.

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  • MHT

    I thought you shouldn’t overfill the bag because the breast milk expands when it freezes. Further, I have found when breast milk is caught in the bag zipper, it can freeze, expand and then the milk leaks when it defrosts. I had to waste breast milk once because of this!

  • Lizz

    In one of your videos I saw that you had pumped a bottle throughout the day before filling into a bag. How do you do this? Currently I’m pumping but am only able to get about 2-4 ounces each time but would like to store 5-6 in a bag. Can I put the pumped milk in the fridge until the next time in about three hours, then combine into one bag and freeze? Not sure if that makes sense…

    • Yes!!! YOu can actually store up the milk during the day and freeze it once at the end of the day. Or, when you hit 5-6 ounces, freeze it then. Best thing to do is freeze it fresh, so it’s good, but you 100% can wait until you have enough for one bag, which is what I did! xo M