Breast Changes After Breastfeeding

So, ladies, it’s the perennial debate: do breastfeeding and pumping affect your boobs and if so, how much?

Before and After Breast Feeding

In this vlog. I get personal and talk about my experiences with my boobs – the highs and lows through nursing each of my five babies, which I did for over six years.  I did see breast changes after breastfeeding, but it depended on the baby and frankly, it probably got a bit worse with each one.  However, this is not the case for all women!

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Take a look to hear more about my experiences… Also check out the site for some really nice accounts from moms who have gotten comfortable with the ways in which their breasts have changed.

Mamas: weigh in!  What has your experience been like?  Most women’s boobs are probably not the same before and after breast feeding – mine certainly are not – but is it really the nursing, the pumping, or rather just pregnancy and weight gain?

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