Best Bib Styles for Babies

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Hello, dearies!

Most people reading this will agree with me that babies are just so cute.

Most people will also agree that babies spit up ALOT.  It’s cute for the first few times but after that, well, it’s just not that cute anymore.

Best Bib Styles for Babies

Enter … the BIB.  While and after feeding your baby, have them sport a funky bib and here’s why.

Bib’s become your shield against baby spills and annoying spit up, saving you from pounds of laundry.  You can’t change your baby’s clothing each and every time they spit up, right?  Better to have an absorbent bib and to wash a few of those every day rather than washing outfits each hour.SEE-MOM-I-TOLD-YOU-I-DIDNT-NEED-A-BIB

In today’s video, I explain some of the bib styles I’ve had over the years with my five babies.  The best bibs are absorbent and fit tightly around the neck.  These bibs also are long and wide.

Best Bibs

Some of the bibs from your baby shower may be super cute, but, unfortunately, if they don’t fit closely around the neck, are not absorbent, and don’t cover a fair amount of your baby’s torso, they’re not going to offer you the protection against that ruthless spit up that you need!

Bib styles

Baby bibs

You definitely don’t have to shop expensive for bibs, just shop smart!  Some of my favorite bibs were actually two for $5 and they lasted me through several babies.

What are your favorite bibs for your baby? Did it take a while for you to find a favorite? Comment below – I’d love to hear your input!