Back Stretches for Breastfeeding Back Pain

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Hello Mamas!  Back with one of our Tuesday how-to videos, this one relating to one of my biggest challenges while breastfeeding: new mom back pain!

Back Stretches for Breastfeeding Back Pain

Taking care of your new baby can put a lot of strain on your back since it fundamentally changes your body mechanics!  All of sudden, you’re ending down to pick your baby up out of his crib or play pen, burping your baby or carrying your baby.  When each of these activities happens multiple times a day, they can put undue strain on your lower and upper back.  For me, the activity that most strained my upper back was definitely nursing.  I found that since I held my baby in the cradle hold, I would inevitable get a stuff upper back and neck.  I’m not an exercise professional so please keep that in mind when watching this video, but these are the exercises that helped me relieve pain and stretch out my upper back!  Since I was so busy like any other new mom, the best time for me to do this interesting form of exercise for new moms was while burping my baby.  In today’s video, you’ll see a demo of that.

Upper Back Pain Stretches

When burping your baby on your lap, you can start easing some of that back pain by standing up straight with shoulder blades held tight together and your heels flat on the floor and your back relaxed.  Then, bend your head forward and tip your head from side to side. This will relax the upper shoulder blade muscles. When nursing, you can repeat this same motion with your head.  Make sure that when you do this, you remain able to safely hold and support your baby with your hand supporting her upper back and neck.

Keep in mind mamas that once your doctor has cleared you for exercise, one of the best things you can do for your back in order to keep the muscles strong is to hit the gym or the pool and work those muscles!  I’m also a big believer in yoga — especially the downward dog position — for strengthening the upper back and neck.

Did you experience a lot of new mom back pain? Which exercises helped the most? Comment below, I would love to hear from you!