When Baby Gets Teeth and How to Clean Them

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Many new parents wonder when their baby will begin to get teeth. It’s one of those big baby developmental milestones!

I don’t have the best teeth myself, so this is something I’ve always been really concerned about with my babies and I had a lot of questions about how to clean and brush those first teeth. In this video I talk about my experiences and demonstrate the techniques I’ve learned through my experience of having five babies!

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Baby’s First Tooth

Every baby differs, but you’ll probably notice little baby teeth sprouting between 4 months and 7 months. There is a huge range, so don’t worry about your baby being a little late with this!

How to Clean Baby Teeth

A lot of dentists recommend rubbing your baby’s gums with a gauze pad or washcloth even before their teeth come in, to just get them used to the feeling of your fingers cleaning inside their mouth. For me, I cleaned my baby’s teeth when they first started coming in. You can either use a gauze pad or infant tooth brush and a tiny, tiny amount of toothpaste (we’re talking the size of a grain of rice, here!) Regardless of when your baby develops their teeth, it is recommended that they should visit the dentist before the age of 1!

How has this worked for you with your babies? When did your baby get teeth and how did you care for them? Any advice on how to brush baby teeth? Share your tips by commenting below!

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