Baby Nap Schedule: How To Transition to 1 Nap

Nap Transition

Before you know it, your baby is becoming a toddler, but at this point, you likely are struggling to figure out a good toddler nap schedule! A major shift in baby’s sleep pattern is the transition from 2 to 1 naps, which happens roughly around 15 months  to 18 months.

Watch this video for tips on how to make this transition and signs that your toddler is ready to go from 2 to 1 nap.


Signs Baby is Ready to Transition to 1 Nap:

  • Resists or fights a nap or sleeps for a shorter time
  • Not cranky or fussy if nap is skipped
  • Stays awake in the car

Do you have any tips to share about your toddler nap schedule?  I would love to hear them!

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