Nursery Essentials

Get a list of what to buy.

Hello Mamas!

Whether you’re awaiting a little boy or a little girl, decorating the nursery is one of the most exciting activities for parents-to-be! I had so much fun putting together my baby’s nursery, but there are a lot of things to remember when getting furniture. That’s why I’ve put together a list of nursery essentials for you!

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Nursing Chairs: This is a must for all moms, whether or not you’re breastfeeding. It will provide great support for your back, your arms, and your baby when in the nursing position. A foot stool is also nice for propping your tired feet up after a long day. And although this may seem like a big, bulky piece of furniture now, it is going to serve you for years, even after your baby is done nursing. It’s a wonderful chair to use when reading to your child (or children) down the road! A good investment for any mom!

Cribs: You may think that the first thing you’ll need to buy for a nursery is a big crib. However, I’ve found that you really can get away with just having a Pack N’ Play for the first few months of a baby’s life. A Pack N’ Play can be taken anywhere, so you’ll be a lot more mobile. In addition, this is a great option if your baby is sleeping in the same room as you. Of course, as your baby grows older, a crib is an essential for a nursery, so it’s listed here at number 2.

Changing Table: If you think (like I did) that you can get away with just changing your baby on your bed or on the floor, think again! This isn’t just any old piece of furniture. My changing table is the perfect way to store my diapers, my changing pads, wipes, creams, thermometers, product manuals, and everything else I need to care for my babies! The baby will also be at the perfect height for changing.

Nursery Storage: If you’re a neat freak like me, you’ll need a place for all the little things you’ll acquire when you first bring your baby home. This includes toys, clothing, books, and more. Having a built-in system or stackable containers will keep the little outfits, swaddling blankets, sheets, pajamas, and other clothes all organized in one spot! Toy chests and containers are also great for organization.

I hope you have enjoyed my video and guide on baby nursery furniture and nursery storage ideas.

Anything I’ve missed? What are you decorating your nursery with? What color are you painting it? I’d love to hear from you!