Essential Baby Gear & Infant Play Gear

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Hello fellow parents!

In this video, I’ll share with you some of the essential baby gear you’ll need to buy when you first take your baby home!

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Infant Car Seat: This is probably the most important baby product for every couple! Hospitals nowadays won’t even let you leave without the infant car seat already installed in your vehicle. I have a lot of videos on my channel reviewing and giving demos for many different brands. You’ll definitely find the perfect car seat for you and your baby! I’ve had a Graco car seat since 2004 and have used it with all my babies. Never had a problem with it. These car seats are built to be very durable and very safe.

Car Seat Carrier: These are wonderful substitutes for expensive strollers. Car seat carriers are wonderful if you are a busy mom, constantly getting on and off public transportation or going up and down stairs. They are relatively light and inexpensive. Just pop the car seat into the frame and you have a makeshift stroller that will definitely be put to good use for the first few months of your infant’s life!

Strollers: As your baby gets older and bigger, strollers are a wonderful investment. They can definitely be on the expensive side, so it’s good to take your time and analyze your budget and your family’s lifestyle to see if strollers are right for you! If you’re looking for reviews and demos, I have tons of videos on the different stroller brands on my site!

Baby Bjorn/Sling: Carrying your baby close to your chest is a wonderful way to get physical one-on-one contact with your baby, as well as a great way to clear up your hands and work around the house, all while watching your baby! Baby carriers and slings are also very convenient when it comes to nursing in public. For more information and demos, check out my videos here!

Diaper Bag: I did another video on diaper bag essentials here! The bag is super useful for carrying all your necessities when you’re on-the-go and need to change your baby in a public restroom.

Watch my video and check out our pals at for more on other essential baby gear, including Pack N’ Plays, Bouncy Seats, play mats, and baby monitors. Hope you enjoyed the video, and happy shopping for your baby equipment!

What was your essential baby product when you first had your baby? Share in the comments below!