Formula Feeding Schedule for Babies 1 to 4 Months Old

Get the schedule.

Hello Moms!

I have to start off by saying Congratulations!! You’ve made it through the first month! This is such a huge milestone for a mother! By now, you may have seen some changes in your feeding pattern, and if it’s ok with your doctor, you may be able to put your baby on some sort of set baby feeding schedule. Keep watching for more details!

Formula Feeding Schedule for Babies 1 to 4 Months Old

Sample Baby Schedule

When it comes to formula feeding your baby, for a 1 month old baby, they should be drinking 3 to 4 oz. of formula at each feeding.  As they grow older, you can tack on an oz. for each month. Now, by the time they are a 6-month old baby, you should be feeding them 7 to 8 oz. per feeding.  There is also a math formula you can follow based on your baby’s weight that will give you the amount of formula you’ll need for each feeding. I’ve included this in the graphics. Keep watching for more on when to schedule these formula feedings.

Baby Sleeping Schedule

Feedings and sleeping go hand in hand when it comes to babies! From 1-4 months of age, you’ll want to put your baby to sleep 1.5 to 2 hours after your baby has had her feed. Your second feed will come no longer than 4 hours after the last feed. This will actually get your baby to sleep longer at night, good news for mom! Keep watching for a detailed chart!

I hope this newborn feeding chart and newborn sleep schedule has helped bring some order to your hectic life with your newborn! And whatever the outcome, don’t get frustrated! You and your baby will get the hang of feeding and sleeping soon enough!

I hope your schedule is getting easier to manage! I would love to hear about your routine. Please add your comments below!