Infant Crib Sheets – What to Buy

Get a list of what to buy.

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When you start shopping for your baby’s nursery, you might be overwhelmed by all of the infant crib sheets on the market! I know I sure was! In this short clip, I’ll walk through some of the options available to you and what I’ve bought in terms of crib bedding!

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Best Crib Sheets

In my other video on crib safety, I mentioned how important it is to keep loose bedding and other objects out of your crib. When it came to buying sheets for my crib, the best crib sheets I’ve found are made of jersey and are super easy to put on and take off of that unwieldy mattress! I also think it’s essential to have a waterproof crib mattress cover under the sheets in order to keep your mattress dry! For these and more great tips, keep watching!

What were the best crib sheets for you? Please add your comments below!