How to Keep Baby’s Crib Safe

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One crucial thing that new moms and dads need to learn about right from the start is baby crib safety. Safety in a baby crib means no loose bedding or blankets, no stuffed animals, NOTHING that could potentially interfere with a baby’s breathing. Why? Something called SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which is believed in some cases to happen because a baby’s breathing has been obstructed. Keep watching this video to learn all you need to know about basic baby crib safety, SIDS awareness, and crib bumpers.

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Crib Safety Guidelines

One thing I go into detail about in this video is crib bumpers! Crib bumpers are an important part of this picture because SIDS awareness doesn’t only mean thinking about what lies in the crib, it also means looking at what can go AROUND the crib. With my later kids, I just said bye-bye to crib bumpers because as soon as your baby is moving around the crib at all, you need to take the bumpers out because you don’t want their breathing to become obstructed. Watch for more baby crib safety tips!

What did you put in your baby’s crib, and how did you approach crib bumpers? Share your thoughts and experiences here and many thanks for watching!