Why You Need an Infant Cardigan Sweater Year Round

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Hello, fellow parents!

This is another video in my series on how to dress baby! I’ve already gone over the front-snap pajama and the side-snap t-shirt. Today, I’ll be discussing the cardigan. I consider the infant cardigan a must-have when it comes to sweaters for babies.

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A Baby Cardigan for the Whole Year

That’s right, the cardigan isn’t just for the winter! I used the cardigan with my babies year-round because babies can get very chilly in the summer air-conditioning. I also found them very useful because, unlike normal infant sweaters which are difficult to pull over the head and take off, the infant cardigan sweater is such a breeze to get on and off! In this video, I’ll walk through some of my favorites with all you viewers!

Do you agree with me that the infant cardigan sweater is the way to go? What is your favorite winter clothing for baby? And how about summer trips to a chilly mall? Weigh in below!