Newborn Needs & Layette Essentials

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Get a list of what to buy.

Hello new Moms and Dads!

This video is one of many in a series I’m doing on preparing for your newborn baby! In this short clip, I’ll give you a rundown of your newborn essentials in the clothing and sleeping department! Keep watching for everything you need to know about baby hats, baby pajamas, baby onesies, and more!

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If I had known then what I know now after having five babies, I would have focused more on buying big and buying only the necessities. Shopping for your newborn must-haves can be so overwhelming, but it’s really a good idea to stick with the basics when it comes to clothing your baby. Here’s a quick list of items mentioned in my video!

Side Snap T-Shirt: These are wonderful to have because they won’t obstruct your baby’s umbilical cord the first few weeks they are home, they are easy to put on (watch my video here on how to dress your baby in the side snap tee!), and come in convenient packages of three. So, so useful the first few weeks of your baby’s life!

Side Snap Pajamas: You’ll never have to worry about tricky buttons or laces with these items of clothing! I would say these are the easiest things to dress your baby in. Would definitely recommend dressing your baby in these pajamas as much as you can for the first few months!

Hats: Aside from being so darn cute, these hats will prevent body heat from leaving your baby’s body. Look for stretchy, cotton hats that are fitted to your baby’s head. Very useful, in both summer and winter months!

Onesies: After your baby’s umbilical cord has fallen out, you can now graduate to the baby onesie. These also come in packs of three or four and are very convenient even in the summer months, because you’ll want to keep your baby warm in the air conditioned house.

Hospital Burp Cloth: In addition to this video, I go in great detail in my other video here on the amazing hospital burp cloth. I cannot stress enough how useful this has been for me. From nursing, to burping, to even swaddling, the burp cloth does it all!

In addition to these items, I would definitely recommend lots of baby socks, a sleeping sack if you’re not swaddling, and a few cardigans for the different seasons. Refer to my video and the graphic at the end for more details!

Thanks for watching! If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!