Baby Breastfeeding From One Breast Only

Melissa here, back with another question from one of my favorite viewers (I love you all though!). A new mom writes in that her baby is only eating from one breast during each feeding.  Meanwhile, he’s hungry only one hour later. Hmmm… I explore this conundrum in today’s vlog.

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Breastfeeding Problems

Kamal, thanks for writing in and I’m so glad you shared what you are going through. In today’s video, I basically ask you a lot of questions about what your baby is doing! Is he fully burped? Is he changed? Is he alert and yet rejecting more milk? The basic point I’m getting at, which is a pillar of everything I subscribe to when it comes to new babies, breastfeeding, and trying to establish a schedule or routine, is have you done everything you can to ensure that the baby has eaten as much as possible and can now take a break and rest before he wants to eat again?

One big positive here is that because your baby is sticking to one breast, you know that he is getting the thicker, more caloric, and more nutritious milk called the hind milk. Very important. However, also important is that you are stimulating both breasts to produce milk and that you don’t go for too long a time between feeding from each of your breasts.

One thing I would do – and definitely check with your doctor about this — is to pump after each feed for 5-10 minutes to ensure that both of your breasts are stimulated. This will also allow you to build up some store milk.

For more tips, watch my video. Hope this helps and thanks for watching!