New Pack ‘N Play Will Change Your Life!

Hi Mamas! Are you tired of the hassle involved in putting together your baby’s playard? Learning how to set up and take down a pack ‘n play is truly a rite of passage for parents…often a painful one. Mom Confession time: I would get so frustrated with these and would make my husband put the playard together for me while I just looked on in awe!

Anyone else out there who can relate?

 It took me YEARS to finally master the pack ‘n play assembly, and I was so proud of myself that I even filmed a video about it.

New Pack 'N Play Will Change Your Life!

4moms Breeze Playard

Enter the 4Moms Breeze playard! This playard really is a breeze. Instead of spending forever trying to assemble it, the 4moms Breeze takes less than a minute to set up and folds extremely easily, just like an umbrella! It even comes fully-equipped with a bassinet for infants, portable leak-proof changing pad, and convenient travel bag. I think it would be perfect for overnight trips, days at the park, or even the beach. It’s so easy-peasy that I personally am a bit annoyed that my pack ‘n play expertise seems obsolete now – ha ha!

Watch my vlog for more on my experience with pack ‘n plays and for why I think the 4moms Breeze playard is annoyingly simple!

Mamas, have you struggled like I have to assemble the pack ‘n play? Would spending the extra money for this play pen be worth it for you, if it meant less hassle? What baby or kid product drives YOU crazy? Comment below!

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