A New Formula Feeding Option

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A New Formula Feeding Option

As we give birth to our children and began to watch them grow, we moms and dads also grow.  We learn about taking care of babies, and we learn about ourselves as parents.  What matters most to us?  What are our priorities?  Which values we will seek to instill?  These questions don’t get answered in the abstract; rather, they get answered in the living, in the everyday, by way of the choices that we make.

Having choices ensures that each of us can nurture our family in a way that rings true to us.

"The greatest power that a person possesses is the power to choose." - J. Martin Kohe | CloudMom

For me, my daily schedule and baby routine formed the column of my day: it kept me calm and assured me that my baby was getting what he needed when; it allowed me to find some clarity in the chaos that is a newborn.  Contrast this to my beloved sister: she lived a freer live with her first baby.  Returning from work after a long day at the hospital, she headed off at 6 p.m. to the park with her baby girl (right about when I was putting my baby to bed!).  At the park, my sister bonded with her child, savoring some mommy time.  This evening schedule worked for her.  We couldn’t have made more different choices as new moms, but each mom’s choice was perfect for her and jived with her priorities and life situation.

When it came to feeding, there were few choices available at that time.  When my first baby Hedley was about five months old, I made the choice that it was time to supplement with formula.  I was still nursing him, but since I had returned to the office I wasn’t producing enough milk to fill him up.  On one particular Sunday, I remember going to the pharmacy and exploring my options when it came to a formula feeding baby.  It wasn’t too hard to do that: there were two available brands, and only several types of formula from which to choose.


Current attitudes about food have changed since then, and as a country, we’ve become increasingly aware of what goes into what we eat.  For some families, eating organic is must.  Others might avoid wheat or dairy.  Others concentrate on getting their protein in.  Whatever rocks your boat: as families, we learn where our priorities lie and how to implement them into our busy lives with kids.

mom with baby

I was thrilled to be approached by Similac and asked to spread the word that they are launching Similac Advance Non-GMO, a version of Similac Advance without genetically altered ingredients.  This product might not be for everyone.  But it does mean greater choice.  I know for us that when non-GMO foods are available, we opt for them.

We moms and dads need options. We need to be able to go into a store and come away with food products for our children with which we are comfortable.  Whether that means supplementing with formula, only formula feeding, or even just looking for organic food choices for our family. Having choice, and feeling comfortable in our choices, means that we can raise our families in a way that is in tune with our priorities, and with the added bonus of peace of mind.

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