9 Month Old Baby Rejecting Solid Food

A mom wrote in asking about introducing solids to her 9 month old baby. Normally, doctors recommend that we parents begin solids at approximately 4-6 months of age. This mother is concerned because her baby is flat out rejecting solid food, no matter the food, and no matter whether the baby has been given milk beforehand or not.

Baby Refusing Solid Food9 Month Old Baby Rejecting Solid Food

Mama, I hear your concern on your baby refusing solid foods, and encourage you to talk right away with your pediatrician. On the plus side, my doctor did emphasize that for the first year of a baby’s life, milk (whether you are giving breast milk, cow’s milk, or another form of milk) and especially the fat content in milk remains the most important component of baby’s food diet. According to my doctor, first foods for baby — which start as soupy purees, becoming more chunky over time– are more about getting baby accustomed to eating than they are about actual nutrition.first foods for baby solid food for baby That being said, during baby’s first year you do want to be starting your baby on solids and gradually increasing the consistency of the food.introducing solids to babysolid food for babyIn lieu of solid foods for baby, your doctor might suggest adding healthy fats, such as flax seed oil, to formula. Interestingly enough, many doctors have also observed that when parents switch their baby food diet by moving from prepared baby food to their own fresh baby food, their babies became better eaters.

Hope this was helpful and thanks for writing in. Let me know what your doctor says as I am curious to hear.

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