5 Ways to Relieve Baby’s Constipation

Hello mamas and papas. I have been getting a lot of emails and YouTube comments lately from new moms and dads asking: “How can I help my baby poop? Indeed, a baby’s poop means a lot: it indicates that your baby is eating and drinking enough, absorbing the vital nutrients your baby needs to grow.

In this video, I talk about our experiences with poop! and give some simple, healthy home remedies for infant and baby constipation.

What can you give a baby for constipation?

5 Tips for Baby Constipation

We parents can tend to over diagnose infant and baby constipation, thinking that when a baby does not poop every day, there is a problem. In fact, some babies tend to “save it up” and poop a lot every few days. My doctor explained to me that this can be normal. So your first question is: is my baby actually constipated?

If indeed you think your baby is constipated, there are some very simple things to try. I set forth five tips in today’s new video.

For starters, switch it up. Rice cereal, banana, even carrots can be binding and cause constipation. Concentrate on high fiber foods such as broccoli, pears, peaches — all of these can help babies make a bowel movement, just as they help we adults.

Some doctors recommend giving baby a very small amount of apple or prune juice in a bottle.

A warm infant bath can also be helpful.

For more tips, watch my video. Thanks so much for tuning in and see you next time on CloudMom.