5 Tips on Buying a Baby Carrier

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Hello parents!  Wet day today in NYC.  Wish there had been snow instead… We’re still talking all things baby carrier here at Cloudmom and here’s a general show that outlines some of the things to look for if you are shopping for one.  Hope this helps…

5 Tips on Buying a Baby Carrier

There are absolutely hundreds of types of baby carriers! Choosing a baby carrier can seem like a game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe after a while!  Here are my five essential tips to remember when shopping for baby carriers!

How to Choose a Baby Carrier

1. Get Help        

Look to the experts when you’re in the market for a baby carrier. As it’s essentially an extension of your own body when you’re carrying a baby, you’ll want to think long and hard about which one is the perfect carrier for you! Look at a range of options and check out reviews from professionals! Great websites to look up are babywearinginternational.org or metrominis.com for some wonderful advice!

2. Safe Position

As you’ve heard me say in all of my videos on these carriers, you’ll want to make sure your baby is high and tight! This is the safe, proper way to position your baby when in the carrier. It allows good airflow to your baby and distributes the weight safely and evenly in your baby’s body.

3. Analyze your Needs

If you have other kids, are constantly getting in and out of public transportation, or travel through airports a lot with your baby in tow, a light carrier might be just the thing for your active lifestyle! It’s also important to analyze how hot the climate is where you live, as some carriers can be warmer or cooler than others, depending on the material.

4. It’s a Learning Process

It’s ok if you don’t have the hang of the carrier right away. Just like nursing, it’s a learning process. As you gain confidence, your baby will be less and less fussy when put in the carrier.

5. Start Prepared

It’s also important to keep your baby well-rested and well-fed before placing them in the carrier. Also remember to buy a big coat during the winter as you’ll need the extra room to compensate for the carrier.  Your baby will be a nice little stuffed sausage inside.

Babywearing is like wearing a hug.

For more on specific carriers and baby carrier safety, watch my other videos here!

I hope these tips have been helpful! Watch my other videos and leave a comment below to let me know how baby carrier shopping was for you and your family!